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2019 Opportunity for Wisdom: Jacob Acuña

The Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation is proud to announce Brother Jacob Acuña from the Chi Beta Chapter at Arizona State University as a recipient of the 2019 Opportunity for Wisdom scholarship. Brother Jacob will be able to apply this $1000 scholarship towards his college expenses. Please read his ‘Thank You’ letter below, and view his thank you video.

Photo Archive/2019/04-April/Sean-Reichert

To the Brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta,

I am deeply humbled and grateful to have been named one of the recipients for the 2019 Opportunity for Wisdom Scholarship.

From an early age I was raised to value education and revere the power that resides within the pursuit of knowledge. “Education is the one thing that no one can take away from you.”, are the words that my late grandfather instilled in me as a child. They are a mantra that I live by and bring with me into each space I enter and are a source of strength.

Since joining our beloved Brotherhood I have met inspiring, tireless individuals that inspire me to continue to strive for loftier heights every day. Additionally, our organization has provided me with the space to do meaningful work, affect the lives of others, and grow from it.

For me, it is pertinent to also acknowledge that I have been able to pursue my education through the generosity of scholarship programs and the philanthropy of donors. The Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation is no different. I cannot express enough my gratitude to the members of the board and scholarship review committee who believed in me enough to invest in the continuation of my undergraduate studies at Arizona State University.

It is important that each of us recognize our positions in the lives of others. Each day we enter spaces where members of our respective communities are discouraged from entering. However, our presence in these institutions of higher education is proof that the sacrifices that our families have made and make for us everyday have not been for naught. It is, in fact, to the contrary. We must remember to honor them through excellence in our studies, vocations, and aspirations. There is much work to be done but it is imperative for us to recognize the privilege that is imbued in being able to earn an education and to extend our hands back to our communities each time we have the chance.


Bro. Jacob “In Memoria” Acuña

Vice President of the “Classy” Chi Beta Chapter

Spring 2018 | #127 | Ship Unique Et Unite

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