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As a contributor, you choose how your funds are used. Contributions made to the Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation must be aligned to one or more of the following initiatives:


General Education Foundation Fund

This fund is used to provide grants to SLB entities and for operational expenses. 


Opportunity for Wisdom Scholarship Fund

This fund provides the Opportunity for Wisdom Scholarship that is given to two SLB brothers on an annual basis.


Leadership Institute Fund for Tomorrow

This fund is used to partially offset the cost of the Sigma Lambda Beta Leadership Institute, which is held every other year and provides educational opportunities to the SLB brotherhood. Learn more about our Lifting Up campaign which is currently underway.


Entity Specific Fund Program

This is a group of funds that are created by recognized entities of Sigma Lambda Beta. These funds allow those entities to raise funds for the specific education-based programs that they would like to fund. To learn more about how to create an Entity Specific Fund – please email us at​

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