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Wisdom for Culture
Stole Fundraiser

What is it? 

This fundraiser will raise money to support our graduating brothers by providing them with a Sigma Lambda Beta stole. A stole is a symbol of a significant milestone in the life of every brother. For many it means entering the next stage of their lives as B.E.T.A. men. Our goal is to commemorate that moment and allow ALL Sigma Lambda Beta graduates to proudly wear a stole that represents their fraternal affiliation.

Learn more. 

Campaign Length: The “Wisdom for Culture” stole fundraiser kicked off on 4/1/24 and will end at BetaCon ’26 – coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc.


Campaign Goal: The goal of this campaign is to raise at least $30,000 to allow the SLBEF to provide 200-300 stoles per academic year. 


Other Campaign Details:

  • This fundraiser will complement and join our “Opportunity for Wisdom” (OfW) fund. The OfW fund helps to support brothers through scholarships, and the “Wisdom for Culture” (WfC) component will recognize the accomplishment of graduation.

  • Undergraduate and graduate brothers will be eligible to receive a stole.

  • We are currently exploring options for the ordering of the stoles – and have been in conversations with multiple brothers who have companies which produce stoles.

  • Brothers who contribute at least $500 to the WfC fund over the course of this campaign will be eligible to receive a commemorative stole of their own.

Become a stole provider. 

YOU can join those that are already contributing to make sure that all SLB graduates are able to proudly wear a fraternal stole by clicking this button: 

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