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Initial fundraising for The Opportunity for Wisdom Fund was held throughout 2006 & 2007. It is the first endowed fund established by the Sigma Lambda Beta Educational Foundation. The interest earned from the principal of this fund will be used to provide scholarships to the brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta.

The following brothers are founding members of this fund:

  • Joel Arias

  • Rudy Calderon

  • Enrique Carbajal

  • Sam Centellas & Family

  • Benjamin Feller

  • Phillip Guerrero

  • James Hayes

  • Guillermo Macalpin

  • Cirilo Martinez

  • Ricardo Melgoza

  • Baltazar Mendoza

  • Ammar Mufleh

  • Mary Peterson

  • Joel Rhea

  • Joe Romagnano

  • Roy Salcedo

  • Jason Smolka

  • Anthony Ybarra

  • Andrew Velasquez

  • Ricardo Zamudio

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