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This program provides the opportunity for both Alumni and Undergraduate brothers of SLB to raise funds and build a long-term endowment specifically for the educational and programming needs of their entity. Managed by the SLBEF, a 501c3 entity, allows ESF’s to use an established contribution portal as well as provide contributors with the ability to make tax deductible contributions.


1. Make an Oversight Commitee

Form a committee of at least 3 Brothers (Undergraduate and/or Alumni) to act as your Oversight Committee. These Brothers will be responsible for planning and executing fundraising activities for the ESF, as well as, reviewing fund reports and drafting grant requests.  To get started, please complete the Entity Specific Fund Creation Application, found here.

2. Chat with FinCom

The SLBEF Finance Committee (FinCom) will work with your potential Oversight Committee to discuss the formation of your ESF. The FinCom will be your partner managing your fund, answering questions, and providing updates. Check out our Calendly to set up a time to chat with FinCom.

3. Start Fundraising!

Once your ESF is active, contributors may select it on this page or use the "Show Entity-Specific Funds" option in SLBEF’s contribution portal

4. Start Disbursements!

Once your ESF establishes its first milestone, your Entity Specific Fund can begin its disbursements. To initiate the process, complete the Entity Specific Fund Request Form.


SLBEF's Finance Committee (FinCom) oversees the creation and maintentance of the ESF program. You can reach out to them in the following ways:

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