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2018 Opportunity for Wisdom: Cesar Vargas

The Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation is proud to announce Brother Cesar Vargas from the Sigma Gamma Chapter at the University of California – Santa Barbara as a recipient of the 2018 Opportunity for Wisdom scholarship. Brother Cesar will be able to apply this $1000 scholarship towards his college expenses. Please read his ‘Thank You’ letter below, and view his thank you video.

To the Brothers of the Most Honorable,

First and foremost, thank you for this opportunity. As a three-year member of Sigma Lambda Beta, it is incredibly humbling to be named as one of the recipients for the 2018 Opportunity for Wisdom Scholarship. Receiving this award stands above all other recognition I’ve ever received pertaining to the fraternity. To know that brothers that have come before me are continuously living the creed and are giving back to current undergraduates, only motivates me even more to remain an active brother.

As a first generation college student, son of immigrants and an immigrant himself, navigating through the higher education system was not an easy task. I found it incredibly difficult to adjust to the advanced curriculum and change in environment. I must admit, I was inadequately prepared to handle being a student of color in a predominantly white institution. It was an extreme culture shock to me, and really discouraged me from wanting to be at UC Santa Barbara. Thankfully, I was introduced to the brothers on campus and all my feelings of sorrow, doubt, and guilt were vanquished. Through their support and teachings, I found success not only in my academic life, but my professional and social lives as well.

Today, I can proudly say that I graduated from UC Santa Barbara with honors. I gained a lot of leadership experience through the organization and that has helped me stand out against other job candidates. Sigma Lambda Beta also developed my professional skills, and helped me secure jobs during and after my undergraduate studies. I can wholeheartedly say that through Sigma Lambda Beta I have met my potential in a variety of aspects pertaining to my life.

That being said, the opportunity provided to me by the Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation would not have awarded without the generous contributions of Brothers from across the nation. Without their continuous support, amazing services such as this scholarship would cease to exist. Thank you brothers for your never ending love and support of our fraternity.

Continue to live the creed.

In brotherhood, Cesar Vargas LB! 86!

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