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2019 Opportunity for Wisdom: Zachary Atkins

The Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation is proud to announce Brother Zachary Atkins from the Zeta Alpha Chapter at the University of Wisconsin – Parkside as a recipient of the 2019 Opportunity for Wisdom scholarship. Brother Zachary will be able to apply this $1000 scholarship towards his college expenses. Please read his ‘Thank You’ letter below, and view his thank you video.

To the Donors of the Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation,

Thank you so much for making it possible to provide a scholarship for those brothers who are honoring and living the Fraternity’s principles. It is so important we have established ways to award brothers who make these achievements.

With that being said, I am absolutely honored to be one of the recipients for the 2019 Opportunity for Wisdom Scholarship provided by the Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation. One of my best experiences of being a Beta so far was being announced as one of the scholarship recipients by Founding Father Ricardo Zamudio.

As I am approaching my senior year, this scholarship will assist to ease the cost of my last year and help me have the opportunity to go on a study abroad trip I am in the midst of planning. The scholarship will be an aid to my goal of graduating with a B.S in Psychology and a B.A in Communication. From there, I hope to pursue a career in either Higher Education or community mental health outreach. I am beyond thankful for the foundation for supporting these dreams of mine.

I am sincerely thankful for finding a brotherhood that fits my goals and aspirations in life, but also a key supporter in uplifting men to their true potential as leaders. I appreciate all the opportunities and resources this organization has brought me and so many other brothers. Moving forward, I will continue to be an active brother and push our brotherhood to new waves of success.


#61 Zachary “KATHARSIS” Atkins Spring 2018- SHIP P.H.U.S.I.O.N President | Zeta Alpha Chapter

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