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2022 Opportunity for Wisdom: Gedrick Mangual

The Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation is proud to announce Brother Gedrick Mangual from the Zeta Beta Chapter at the University of Florida as a recipient of the 2022 Opportunity for Wisdom scholarship. Brother Gedrick will be able to apply this $1000 scholarship towards his college expenses. Please read his letter and view his message below.

Dear Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc. Education Foundation Board of Trustees and Donors,

Allow me to thank you for the remarkable opportunity of naming me a 2021-2022 Opportunity for Wisdom Scholarship Recipient.

My name is Gedrick Mangual, and I am a rising fourth year at the University of Florida. As I am coming up on my final year of undergraduate academia, studying Biological Sciences on the pre-medical track, I look forward to completing my application for medical school and successfully attending medical school and specializing in Emergency Medicine in Fall 2023.

I wish to express endless gratitude to the organization that connected me with an extraordinary group of gentlemen which I am proud to call my brothers. Prior to my integration into the world of SLB, I felt that UF offered countless academic, professional opportunities, however I hadn’t found a reason to love going to school- a reason to belong. It wasn’t until Fall 2021, that I was able to come across a brotherhood unlike no other. The personal and professional connections and advancements that I have been able to make in the last two semesters alone is revolutionary to my being and has elevated me to my highest potential yet. From the powerful moments of brotherly support to the countless laughs and good times, I thank the Revolutionary Zeta Beta chapter for the powerful bonds I have been able to create and the lifelong brothers I have found. For this reason, I aim to give back as much as I can to this brotherhood during my remaining undergraduate years and beyond.

Receiving the title of 2021-2022 Opportunity for Wisdom Scholarship Recipient along with the scholarship itself is beyond an honor. This scholarship will play an immense role in alleviating my medical school application expenses, which will open the door for me to apply to more schools!

I sincerely thank this organization for having gifted me the resources for my academic and professional success along with a reason to belong!


#174 Gedrick “Agüeybaná” Mangual

Fall 2021- SHIP A.T.L.A.S.

Revolutionary Zeta Beta Chapter

University of Florida

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