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3Ts Challenge

The SLBEF is partnering with Sigma Lambda Beta to challenge all brothers to give of their Time, Talent, and Treasure during the months of April and May, 2023. To learn more about the 3Ts Challenge, please visit our 3Ts Challenge Page and take a moment to read the following letter from SLBEF Chair Ricardo Zamudio.


Brothers –

Within the Foundation’s 2022 annual report, I very intentionally addressed Sigma Lambda Beta’s recent issues by stating that, “I commit on behalf of myself and the SLBEF to be a part of the solution.” In this email I’m pleased to tell you more about what that looks like, and to specifically ask you to be a part of the solution by participating in our 3Ts Challenge.

Here are the three major ways the SLBEF will be a part of the solution:

First – The Foundation will provide Sigma Lambda Beta with $20,000, which will help to rebuild their reserves and be aligned to future BetaCon and Leadership Institute programming.

Second – Me and members of the SLBEF Board of Trustees are giving of our time & talent to work with the SLB Chair and EBOD on multiple fraternal committees, and helping with the planning and execution of this year’s Leadership Institute.

Third – We are partnering with the SLB EBOD to execute a 2-month long 3Ts Challenge that will go from today, April 1st, until May 31st. Here are the details:

  • We are challenging brothers to give of their time, talent, and treasure in ways that will help our brothers, the fraternity, and the foundation.

  • The fundraising or “treasure” portion of the challenge has two options, to contribute directly to offset the cost of 2023’s Leadership Institute or to fund future SLB programming. As an added bonus, the SLBEF will match ALL contributions to this campaign up to $10,000.

  • For time and talent brothers can fill out a form to volunteer for a number of committees.

  • Brothers can also give of their time by taking a couple of minutes to create or update an SLB and SLBEF profile.

The 3Ts Challenge is also a competition between regions. Every dollar contributed equals 1 point for your region. If you sign up for a committee – your region gets 75 points. And if you create or update an SLB and SLBEF profile, you can earn 25 points for each. There will be prizes for the top 3 regions, and more about that will be shared later.

The 3Ts Challenge is meant give us all a chance to show how we will be a part of the solution. By giving of your time, talent, and/or treasure – you can:

  1. Help make sure your chapter brothers can get the SLB services they need to be successful.

  2. Offset the cost of the 2023 Leadership Institute, which will be hosted in-person for the first time in 4 years.

  3. Demonstrate your dedication to SLB and willingness to give of yourself to move the work of our organization along.

Please show your love and support for your brothers, chapter, and for Sigma Lambda Beta by being a part of the 3Ts Challenge.


SLBEF, Chair

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