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Grant Recipient: Gamma Beta - Fiesta De Noche

The Gamma Beta Chapter at Marquette University hosted Fiesta De Noche - an opportunity and share Latinx culture with their campus community. Those in attendance celebrated with food, music, dance, and more. The SLBEF is proud to support the Gamma Beta Chapter with a grant to assist with this great event! Check out the write-up and pictures below, provided by the chapter:

The day of Fiesta De Noche began with setting up the lights and stages for the cultural folkloric academy to perform their indigenous dances. This stage was also for our brother and DJ for the night. Next the tables and chairs were set up for when guests started to show up. Once the stages, lights, and decorations were all set we had to pick up the food. We had multiple jugs of horchata, crates of rice, beans, chicken fajitas, salsa, avocado, tortillas, and a variety of different drinks. The tables were set for food and around 8 PM we started to serve.

The event started and within 30 minutes the folkloric academy started to perform while the floods of students, faculty members, brothers, and family started to show up for food. The line had started way before serving began. The food serving process went by smoothly. Guests were in and out of the line. There were enough tables and chairs for everyone. So after they received their food and drinks they sat down to watch the show. Marquette University TV even made an appearance. They interviewed our chapter brother Luis who was in charge of the whole event. They also interviewed two members of the Latin American Student Organization on campus (LASO). Before and after the folkloric teams went on our brother and a member of LASO explained the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Once the performers were done the DJ and our brother put together a list of songs that consisted of banda, bachata, cumbia, and reggaeton to celebrate the rich Latinx culture we share in the community. While this was going there was a pinata challenge behind the stage. Here we shared one of the most popular forms of celebrating in the Latin community. Towards the end of the night the DJ put on a list of our nation wide stroll songs. Brothers from across different chapters came together to showcase our fraternity’s tradition of strolling.

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