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SLBEF Milestone: $100,000

Greetings Brothers!

It is with great honor and humility that I send this email. With the recent grants provided for Virtual LI and announcement of the 2021 Opportunity for Wisdom scholarship recipients, the Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation (SLBEF) has now exceeded the $100,000 amount in terms of giving to Sigma Lambda Beta and the brotherhood. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the SLBEF, this is another great milestone to add to the reasons to celebrate!

How did we do it? Because of YOU. This isn’t my money, this is OUR money, and YOU made it possible. Every contribution, big or small, that was put in our trust has been cared for, allocated, invested and used to support our beloved fraternity.

Why did we do it? Because of YOU. When we started the SLBEF we asked, where should we give? YOU told us to give scholarships, grants, and to support our national programming.

To date, we have provided $20,000+ in scholarships to deserving Brothers, close to $50,000 in grants to entities from coast to coast, and about $35,000 to Sigma Lambda Beta to offset costs related to programming for BetaCon and Leadership Institute.

I write this email not to boast, but to THANK YOU! Your support has made this possible and it only makes sense for you to know about it and celebrate with us! From big convention donations to small monthly contributions, it has all added up and little by little we keep growing our investments, and our investments impact our ability to give back to our beloved fraternity.

The Love of Lambda Beta is our life! Thank you for living the Creed, for your belief in the SLBEF and our mission, and of course for your willingness to give of your time, talent, AND treasure!


Founding Father Ric Zamudio

Chairman SLBEF Board of Trustees


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