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Support a Brother who is Supporting the SLBEF

The Gentleman's Guide to Cooking

By: Brother Randy Motilall

A Message from Brother Randy:

I wanted to make a difference with this book. When I created this book and brand I wanted to find a way to use it to give back. The style of cooking I use and present myself and videos is based on the teachings we learned while being in SLB, and the book resonates with that. Our values and pillars are built into this book. Hence the title and brand, it goes off our pledge "to comport myself in a gentlemanly fashion". I am working hard to grow the brand and any help and support from brotherhood would be greatly appreciated

Instructions for purchase:

If a brother purchase a book and drops me a message on my website or email: I will make note of this and donate $0.86 to SLBEF and if they leave me an Amazon review and send me a message and let me know I will donate $1.00.

Use these links to purchase:

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